Naturally Derived 

Each ingredient has been carefully researched and selected for use in Wilde Roots shampoo bars. I wish that they could be 100% natural but to me natural means completely unprocessed as found in  nature, unfortunately the term natural has no legal definition in cosmetics, so its very easy to label a product as natural even though it is not. Even good ol' soap has gone through a chemical process of saponification. The term natural is very subjective within the cosmetics industry, and I just want to be honest. All my ingredients are naturally derived plant based ingredients and there are 100% natural oils, butters, clays and botanicals in every bar, but to achieve a cleansing bar that is as effective as bottled shampoo, a bit of science has to come into play. 

Keep your eyes on my instagram, I will be doing a breakdown of each ingredient used in my products, so you are able to see exactly what all those funky words mean on that ingredient list. 

If you want to know any more information, please get in touch. 

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