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Hello and welcome, I am Nikki and I wanted to let you know a little bit about why I set Wilde Roots up.

Over the past 5 (even as long ago as 10 actually) years I’ve experimented with a lot of different ways to wash my hair with the ultimate goal of being greener and environmentally friendly. I tried; ‘no-poo’, solid shampoo, including bars that contained ingredients I am sensitive too, and soap-based shampoo bars. Either my hair was a horrible mess, or my skin would be breaking out and really dry. The journey was demoralising (and I see it in so many posts I see on social media, my heart goes out to you) my self confidence took a hit, I’m not vein but nobody wants to leave the house with a heap of greasy spaghetti on their heads, we all like to feel at least clean. I ended up settling on a mild and gentle shampoo (available as refills) but this just didn’t seem like a good enough alternative to me, I was convinced there was something better.

I am self-confessed DIY addict, if there is a chance I can make it myself, I will. So, that’s what I did and nearly 18 months later after some encouragement from my family (mainly my supportive other half), a lot of research, experimenting (and a baby) I am ready to release my product to you. I am really proud of it and to me it solves all the problems and dilemmas I was having with other methods and products. It uses very gentle ingredients that are all naturally derived from coconuts, corn, rapeseed and sugar, avoiding palm oil derived ingredients. There are no irritating cleansers, like sulphates, it has no over powering artificial fragrances and parfums and it has 100% plastic free, recyclable and compostable packaging. Whilst being as friendly as possible to the environment and your purse. Although the cost for one bar may seems a lot, it must be compared to a bottled version, it is cheaper than the refill  option per wash, but no small, handmade business is ever going to be able to compete with large corporations and I hope people understand this. Supporting a small business will make you feel good too, you know you are putting food on the table for an actual family not helping to put a BMW on the drive of a CEO. *truth


I digress, this happens a lot. Anyway, I do hope you love washing your hair with WILDE ROOTS shampoo bars, I have mini bars available so you can see if the shampoo is right for you and your hair before committing to a full-size bar.  

Please head over to my blog I will be writing lots of interesting posts on shampoo bars and different aspects of zero waste living and maybe even some DIY’s. If you have any questions or need help with anything, please get in touch I’d love to hear from you.



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