Shampoo bar for Oily/Normal Hair

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We are proud to introduce an outstanding plastic free shampoo bar, which is everything you will ever need in your hair care routine with no compromise. 


A vegan friendly, Zero waste 100% biodegradable shampoo bar. 


All ingredients are naturally derived and carefully formulated with mild and gentle foaming agents which gently clean the hair and scalp without stripping it of its natural oils. This shampoo bar is packed with hair loving ingredients that are designed to clean, nourish, and care for normal/oily hair, including:


  • French Green Clay, that detox and cleanse your scalp.
  • Pro vitamin b5 and wheat proteins repair damage, and add strength and shine to your hair.
  • Rosemary and Peppermint essential oil to cleasne and balance the scalps natral oils
  • Jojoba Oil a light oil to combat greasyness


Wilde Roots shampoo bars are carefully pH balanced to be slightly acidic to match with hairs natural pH, resulting in healthier and shinier hair. These bars are not the common cheaper soap based bars with high alkaline pH causing irreversible damage to hair.


Distinguishing differences to other bars include:

•           They are not soap based like the majority of other shampoo bars on the market

•           They contain high quality gentle and mild cleansers unlike many commercial (liquid) shampoos that strip the hair of oils

•           They are coloured with clays, botanical extracts and fragranced with essential oils,100% pure and natural. 

•           They create a rich dense luxurious lather

•           They last and last getting 50+ washes from a single bar 

•           ‘mini’ bars available to sample before you buy as well as great to take on short trips lasting approximately 10 washes.

•           They contain no water and are highly concentrated

•           100% Recyclable or biodegradable/compostable packaging and product, all plastic free.

•           Inspired by nature, with clays, botanical extracts, essential oils, vegetable oils and butters with naturally derived surfactants and conditioners.


Everything you want in a shampoo bar


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